About Us
VERTEX is a dynamic engineering & services firm whose experience and expertise brings a depth and versatility to its Engineering and Services. This competitive advantage enables VERTEX to consistently deliver timely,cost- effective, quality solutions to the complex challenges facing its clients. Our management team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with over two decades of combined years of Experience in the engineering industry. Let our engineering team tackle your design/build needs. We offer cost competitive engineering services to take your power projects from concept to completion. Vertex realizes that we must exceed all of our client's expectations and look for new and innovative ways to achieve a truly delightful experience.
Lead by a team of seasoned and highly dedicated professionals. We prove our skills in dealing with power, energy, construction, oil and gas, cement, textile and local industry. The company enjoys a good reputation with its customers and competitors. VERTEX provides complete range of equipment and services. The company is now headed toward supplying testing and commissioning of equipments, and customers existing electrical system as well as future expansion programs with fool-proof accuracy, safety, durability and surety of trouble-free operations. Whether customers need additional resources to complement their existing team of technical, personal, expert technical advice or they are willing to enter into a service contract for the maintenance and upkeep of their equipments, we provide full service.

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