PS9k2 C-SJ17-11 - Vertex Engineering Services Islamabad Pakistan

Solar Submersible
Pump System for 6″ wells

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  22. Mrs. Lynne,You’re so cute with your “when you move here!” Maybe El Hub and I will in a few years … who knows what’s in the cards I hear ya with stuff showing up differently on camera. A lot of it depends on the lighting (the pic above was taken in natural diffused light – the BEST!) and the flash. You may have to add a bit more to get it to show up, but you can always take it off, which is the beauty of it!

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  39. my first real visit to you, (I’ve had a list of places to visit, but just not enough time!), and this was my first post I read – love it! the apron, the story, and especially those tights! 🙂 looking forward to exploring further, and I could just be tempted to also make a funky apron!

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    The AFC North Division leading Bengals beat the Detroit Lions 27-24 on Mike Nugent’s 54-yard field goal as time expired and the 49ers, chasing the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC West, topped the Tennessee Titans 31-17.

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    During his summing-up speech in Thursday’s debate, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg was asked by Labour MP Andrew Gwynne to condemn the behaviour of No 10 officials who were reported as having said that Miliband was “giving succour” to the Assad regime by refusing to back the government over its plan for military action. Clegg dodged the question but said he understood the anxieties of everyone on all sides of the argument. Defence secretary Philip Hammond repeated the same line after the government defeat.

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    “I like it here a lot, man. I like the team,” Winslow said Thursday in the locker room. “I’ve always appreciated the game. I’ve always been a huge fan of the game. It’s been a rough go-around I guess, when you can’t control it. You get cut, you get traded. I’m very hungry, and I’ve always been hungry.”

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    Roche Holding AG could buy the maker of drugs forrare diseases for about $95 to $105 per share in a deal valuedat about $15 billion, media reports said, UBS AG will lend $5 billion to Rochefor the takeover, the reports quoted as saying.

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    Merkel’s party ran a feel-good campaign that centered squarely on Merkel’s personal popularity and, opponents complained, largely avoided controversial issues. Recent polls gave her popularity ratings of up to 70 percent, but the sky-high ratings didn’t extend to her coalition.

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    Harvey has pitched 159 innings, just 10 shy of the number when he was shut down last season. The 24-year-old came into spring training fitter and stronger with the goal of getting to 200 innings in 2013.

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    “Batman seems to be endlessly pliable and malleable in that he can assume all kinds of guises from the comedy pop-up Batman of the 60s to the very militaristic, realistic, trending Batman of Christopher Nolan,” Morrison said.

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    Celebs have long opted to leave their bras behind. With the help of plenty of nipple tape, Jennifer Lopez famously rocked a green Versace dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards with a neckline that landed well below her belly button.

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    SIR – In your leading article (July 8) on my resignation from the Privy Council, you stated that my voice was “unlikely to be missed”. Luckily, my voice can still point out that your assertion that the Privy Council numbers about 300 people is actually out by about 319 counsellors.

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    “Our study was the first to demonstrate that the presence and severity of coronary blockages do not go away with quitting smoking, but that the risk of heart attack and death does,” the scientists said.

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    Matthew Cordle, 22, posted a 3-1/2 minute video on YouTube in which he admits to driving the wrong way down a highway directly into oncoming traffic, striking and killing Vincent Canzani, 61, on June 22.

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    William Hague has also strained every sinew to energise the dozy and the diffident, joining forces with his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, to secure the lifting of the EU arms embargo on Syria. His logic was impeccable: the moderate rebels, led by Salim Idris, were the only group struggling to receive weapons, in contrast to Assad’s forces and jihadi groups like Jabhat al-Nusra. But the world did not take the baton offered by Hague.

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    “Todd stated that the reason he was calling the FBI was that he had recruited a certain woman, started to have personal feelings for her, and decided he did not want her involved with the trafficking,” Crouch wrote.

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    A third level of complexity arises in hollow organs such as the stomach or bladder, each with more complicated functions and interactions with other organs. Finally, the fourth level of complexity includes organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys the ultimate goal for bioprinting pioneers.

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    Turner, an eight-time Grammy winner known for songs like “River Deep, Mountain High” and “Private Dancer”, will celebrate the wedding with a Buddhist water ceremony at her lakefront mansion this weekend, Swiss newspapers reported.

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    ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is sporting a curvier figure – and she wants you to know it. The MTV personality tweeted a photo of her bikini-clad self to show off the results of her recent breast enlargement surgery and to lay rumors to rest that she’s having another baby. ‘No, I’m not pregnant. No, I’m not fat,’ she tweeted. ‘Check out my new bathing suit. 🙂 I love it. SO BRIGHT!’ It’s not the only photo we’ve seen of the reality star on Twitter…

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    Evan Longoria, the All-Star slugger and former AL Rookie of the Year with the Tampa Bay Rays, is getting off to a hot start this spring … seeing as his girlfriend is smoking hot Playboy’s Miss January Jaime Edmondson.

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    In the decade before the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, between 3 million and 4 million people in the U.S. were infected each year, 48,000 were hospitalized and 400 to 500 died. Another 1,000 developed chronic disabilities, CDC says.

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    That theme was later picked up by Willie Rennie, the Scottish Lib Dem leader, who told the party’s annual conference in Glasgow that both Miliband and Cameron “should put their hands up with Nick in favour of more powers for the Scottish parliament. They should proudly shout out.”

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    As disjointed debate unfolds, at last, over whether and how to respond to Assad, we seem to have lost sight of how we got here. We abdicated leadership. We were not credible when we needed to be because we made a threat without substance and without demonstrating that we took it seriously enough to forge a coalition before it was needed. We helped engender the crisis by not doing so. Now the U.S. is playing catch up when it should have been and could have been out in front. This is an American failure internationally and foreign and security policymaking rests with the executive branch, not Congress. Still, we may find that a sober look at the causes of our self-inflicted dilemma inform our choices of action – none happy, as President Obama has observed.

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    After that decision Telecom Italia said it wanted to securefavourable regulatory conditions before taking any steps forwardin its plan to spin off its fixed-line network. (Reporting by Stephen Jewkes, editing by Silvia Aloisi)

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    Bohemia International Hair Salon used to cut and perm on Lexington, but two years ago found the rent too high. The salon packed its sheers and curlers and headed northwest to Madison Ave. and E. 112th St.

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    Politicians and women’s groups have called for stiffer sentences for domestic abusers in the wake of former MSP Bill Walker being jailed for 12 months for a series of assaults against his three ex-wives.

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    A statement Tuesday recalled that the court has issued two arrest warrants for al-Bashir, in 2009 and 2010, to stand trial for five counts of crimes against humanity, two counts of war crimes and three counts of genocide against the Fur, Masalit and Zagawa tribes in Darfur.

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    The decision follows a period of turmoil in education finance sparked by the overhaul of the federal student loan program in 2010. The government captured a majority of the market by choosing to lend directly to students, leaving a limited role for private lenders.

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